Hi-Fi Audio Speaker Cable – Red Series V2

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  • 99.99% Solid Core, 14 AWG Copper Conductors
  • Rhodium Plated Connectors
  • 300 Micron Solid Core Conductors for low Shielding effect
  • Low capacitance & skin effect
  • Direction markings
  • More efficient than stranded or twisted construction
  • Design & Hand Made in Australia
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Hi-Fi Audio Speaker Cable – Red Series V2

EGM Audio Flat Wire Hi-Fi Audio Cable

Looking for an easy to install high quality speaker cable? Here at EGM Audio we have the right cable for you! Handmade in Australia, this cable comes with easy to identify red and black ends, with sturdy rhodium plated terminal connections – making identification effortless while installing. With lengths starting from a convenient 2.5 metres to whatever length you need, these flat wire cables have low capacitance and less skin effect compared to common multi-stranded cable. This cable gives clean, balanced high fidelity sound. The solid-core copper conductors are protected by sturdy insulation for long life and safety. This cable is a great investment, with positive sound improvements for both home theatre system and stereo setups. The Red Series V2 cable is a better sounding cable than the Grey, suitable for higher resolution systems. It also features a third nylon outer sheath and thicker 14 AWG copper conductors with the more expensive rhodium plating rather than gold plated banana plugs.


EGM Audio Red Series V2 Cable Construction:

  • Layer 3: Nylon Sheath – Outer jacket gives extra protection to the cable.
  • Layer 2: PVC Clear Jacket – This thin outer PVC jacket helps give the cable axial mechanical strength and resistance while giving a high degree of flexibility to the cable.
  • Layer 1: Conductors – 2x single core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper. Highest purity of copper available for any Audio Equipment on the market.


  1. John (verified owner)

    The Red Series V2 is a beautifully crafted cable with exceptional connectors and materials used throughout. Neutral tone and extended at both ends of the frequency spectrum. Overall a fantastic value cable that’s very highly recommended.

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