Audio Power Cable – Black Series – ML Reference

Length: 1.0 metre
Plug Top Termination (Male): AUS/NZ (Type I)
Plug Top Termination (Female): IEC (C15)
Sale price$449


Audio Power Cable - Black Series - ML Reference

Our newest addition to our Power Cable range. Black Series – Mike Lenehan Reference. 

Awards and Reviews:


  • 16AWG 7 core, wire in parallel to make 13AWG, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper.
  • EGM Audio’s exclusive male plug top with Cooper/ Tellurium composition pins for superior sound.
  • EMI/ RFI protective screening
  • Made & Designed in Australia, 230v AS/NZ Standard with IEC C19, IEC C15, IEC C7 Plug Top
  • Also available in EU – Type F & USA Type B
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • For best performance we recommend a 2 metre cable


EGM Audio’s Power Cable Construction:

  • Layer 6: Nylon Sheath – Outer jacket gives extra protection to the cable.
  • Layer 5: PVC Clear Jacket – This outer PVC jacket helps give the cable axial mechanical strength and resistance while giving a high degree of flexibility to the cable.
  • Layer 4: EMI/ RFI Screen – Copper Tinned Braided Screening, this will protect your cable/ audio equipment form external and internal EMI. It is the best level of protection for Audiophile Systems.
  • Layer 3: Inner PVC Layer – This resistance PVC barrier protects the inner cores of the cable from any interference on the EMI screen.
  • Layer 2: Conductor’s PVC Jacket – This special compound electronically extruded evenly around the copper conductors are exclusive to EGM Audio’s Power Cables. It has a very low dielectric, and this remains constant over wide frequency ranges making this the best available on today’s market for Hi-End audio systems.
  • Layer 1: Conductors – 7 core, 99.999% OFC multi strand pure electrolytic copper. Highest purity of copper available for any Audio Equipment on the market.

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