EGM Audio RCA Plug – Rhodium (4pack) – Phantom Series

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EGM Audio RCA Plug – Rhodium (4pack) – Phantom Series

  • High Purity Copper, Rhodium Plated RCA Plug,
  • Solder with Hex Head Lock Nut Terminals
  • Excepts wire size up to 11mm² (Outer Jacket)
  • Each RCA Plug comes with EGM Audio Logo Rhodium/ Carbon Fibre Jacket available with Red and Black markings.
  • 4 per Pack (2 Red & 2 Black)

EGM Audio’s audio RCA plugs are a high quality choice and more importantly… a great connector used for hi-end audio and/or video signals! Offering a secure connection, for everyday usage. Easy to use, our rhodium plated RCA plugs feature a hex head lock nut terminal – ensuring the connection is stable and securely terminated. Suitable for wire sizes up to 11mm² our RCA plugs are a convenient option for stellar audio and video signals. The rhodium plated/ carbon fiber shell with black or red identifier allows this RCA plugs to remain sleek and versatile. The rhodium plating offers excellent conductivity and is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

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