Audio Power Cable - Amethyst

Lenght: 1.0 metre
Plug Top Termination (Male): AUS/NZ (Type I)
Plug Top Termination (Female): IEC C19
Sale price$219


Audio Power Cable - Amethyst

Amethyst's Key Features:

  • 16AWG 3 core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper conductors
  • EMI/ RFI protective screening
  • Gold plated pin male plug top
  • High Grade audiophile power cable
  • Improves sound and picture quality of audio and AV products 
  • Designed & Built in Australia 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty*


    The Amethyst cable name is part of EGM Audio’s gemstone naming convention and is the entry-level power cable in the range. It easily betters a standard power cable for audio or video equipment. Naturally EGM Audio makes the Amethyst to exactly the same high standards of construction as every cable they manufacture. 

    The Amethyst audio grade power cable utilises three 16AWG or 1.5mm2 cores of high purity 99.999% OFC electrolytic copper, with EMI/RFI shielding to lower the noise floor and to provide protection from music destroying electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The cable is a dark purple colour and has a 12mm outer diameter and uses gold plated plug pins. 

    How does it Sound?

    The Amethyst is a great way to start your audio journey, but don’t be fooled by the attractive price. This is an audio grade cable that uses copper cores that are double the diameter of the freebie giveaway cables that are included in the box. The Amethyst sounds the closest to the Ruby and has a smooth, detailed sound and is very easy to listen to. This cable helps to produce a wide soundstage with space around the instruments and definition in the vocals. The timing is accurate and is capable of relaying rhythmic swings in the music, allowing it to work equally well with all genres. The shielding also helps to have quiet black backgrounds.

    It doesn’t have the same harmonic richness of the Black Pearl or Emerald, but unless your system is capable of resolving the differences you are simply wasting your money. The bass depth is a little thin by comparison with the others in the range but this may suit a system where there is too much bass and you would like to trim it. The sound is honest and it will never exaggerate negative aspects. 

    EGM Audio Recommendation:

    Our entry level cable, best suited for any audiophile who wants start upgrading their systems - Suitable for all audio and AV applications. Recommend Length 2 metre.

    Extra Information:

    What is Cable Burn-in?

    All cables and especially highly revealing audio cables require a little time to settle and start performing at their optimum. There are many opinions as to why this well-known phenomenon happens, but we won't get bore you with it. Although they can often sound good immediately, we recommend that you allow EGM cables at least 48 hrs of constant use before doing any critical listening. This initial period of time will make the largest difference to the sound quality. For the next week or two the cable will continue to improve, but in smaller increments.

    A fully burned-in cable will sound smoother and more musical. It will also have better timing, imaging, treble detail, bass power and control as well as being less fatiguing to listen to.

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