Emerald AC Power Cable Review by Sound Stage Australia

Considering the first class build quality, audible performance and über cool appearance, the EGM Audio Emerald cables are relatively inexpensive upgrades and easy to recommend.

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StereoNET - Product of the Year

Black ML Reference AC PowerCable

"There is much to like about this premium-priced EGM Audio power cable. The Black Series may cost a good deal more than a kettle lead, but there’s a massive jump in sound quality, and you really notice its fine build too. Another great positive is the aforementioned Australian market compliance. The result is a product that offers serious value for money – and given that the company gives a money-back guarantee on everything it sells, it’s a risk-free way to upgrade your system. A worthy Applause Award winner, then."

StereoNET - Mark Gusew (24th June 2020)

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Soundstage Australia - Product of the Year

Black ML Reference AC PowerCable

"In terms of the Black cables, your cash or plastic will buy you a product which is a reflection of the integrity of the people behind the brand. EGM Audio’s Black ML Reference AC cables are handcrafted in Australia featuring high standards of construction, generous material content, quality conductors and proper connectors in a very affordable package. They perform to a neutral standard devoid of blatant errors of addition or commission. Highly recommended."

Soundstage Australia - Edgar Kramer (15th May 2020)

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