From 2022 All EGM Audio products come with a limited life time warranty. This warrants against manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear. It is for the lifetime of the part and not of the product. Basically if we still manufacture the product we will try to cover it under warranty.


From 2022 All EGM Audio products come with a limited life time warranty. You are entitled to have the product repaired our replaced if the product fails to be of acceptable quality.

To issue a warranty claim the Customer will be required to

Contact EGM and return the product at the customers expense. ( note : the customer bears all risks during the transportation of the product).   This cost will be refunded to the customer if EGM upholds the warranty.

Postal Address Phone:

EGM State Manager 0407129678

PO Box 4402


QLD 4113


EGM shall be entitled to inspect the product to verify the validity of the customers concerns regarding the warranty claim.  If there is no defect in the product after inspection and testing the customer will pay EGM its usual fees for service work and testing and for the cost of transportation back to the customer.

You are entitled to a replacement or repair of the product at the discretion of  EGM if there is a failure of the product

Any refund claims are to be made by the customer directly to the retailer where the product was purchased so that the retailer can process the claim in conjunction with EGM.  EGM’s refund obligations will be wholly satisfied by the retailer refunding to the customer the purchase price paid.

EGM’s warranty clauses to not apply if:

The product has been repaired, altered or modified in any way by a person other than EGM or it’s repair agents

The product has been damaged or defected by the use or misuse by the customer or a third party

This product has NOT been properly installed or used in a manner that is contrary to the relevant instruction manual and specifications

The alleged defect is within acceptable industry variances for a product of this kind

EGM cannot establish any defect or fault after testing and inspection

Where the product has been subjected to abnormal conditions or environments

This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear.