Audio Power Cable - Emerald

Lenght: 1.0 metre
Plug Top Termination (Male): AUS/NZ (Type I)
Plug Top Termination (Female): IEC C19
Sale price$709


Audio Power Cable - Emerald

Emerald's Key Features:

  • 10AWG 3 core, 99.999% OFC pure electrolytic copper conductors
  • EMI/ RFI protective screening
  • Cooper/ Tellurium pin male plug top
  • High Grade audiophile power cable
  • Improves sound and picture quality of audio and AV products 
  • Designed & Built in Australia 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty*


This is EGM’s brand new top performing flagship design and is rather special. The bright emerald coloured sheath with black detail stitching immediately grabs your attention. Holding it in your hands you are surprised and aware of the substantial weight of this 15mm outer diameter cable. With three thick cores of 10 gauge or 6mm2 each, it feels insanely thick and is able to instantly transmit lots of AC current to your amplifier or device without any hesitation or lag. It is terminated with EGM’s best Copper/ Tellurium pins within thickly moulded ends.

How does it Sound?

Sound quality wise, with the emerald audio grade power cable connected, the sound is particularly open and airy with excellent separation between the instruments and vocals. This cable exhibits very good balance between the highs, mids and bass. This cable has the most bass extension in the EGM range, with deep well articulated bass notes that carries enough bass weight to be impressive. There is no bloom or uneven attention given to the bass, but it’s very well balanced, with fullness, texture and definition.

The PRaT or timing is spot on, with instruments that that attack or slam having excellent delivery speed. Listeners can expect a full and balanced sound, with excellent bass weight and extension. It’s recommend that the power cable be tried first connected directly to the wall socket to maintain speed, focus and heft in the bass. This cable may also work very well connected to high quality power conditioners. The emerald is a versatile design that has been tested on digital sources that draw less than half an amp and the same sound quality is maintained and is ultra-refined.

It is particularly good value and for the price difference between it and the Black Pearl is a no brainer upgrade that is well worth it. If you have a high resolution audio system you will easily hear a large sonic difference between this cable and every other cable in our range.

EGM Audio Recommendation

Best performance for ultra high-end audiophile systems - Power Conditioners, Power Amps, Mono Blocks & Hi Power Applications. Recommended Length 2 metre.

Extra Information:

What is Cable Burn-in?

All cables and especially highly revealing audio cables require a little time to settle and start performing at their optimum. There are many opinions as to why this well-known phenomenon happens, but we won't get bore you with it. Although they can often sound good immediately, we recommend that you allow EGM cables at least 48 hrs of constant use before doing any critical listening. This initial period of time will make the largest difference to the sound quality. For the next week or two the cable will continue to improve, but in smaller increments. 

A fully burned-in cable will sound smoother and more musical. It will also have better timing, imaging, treble detail, bass power and control as well as being less fatiguing to listen to. 

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