EGM Audio XLR/ RCA Adapter Plugs – Rhodium (2pack) – Phantom Series

Connection Type: XLR Female to RCA Female
Sale price$79


EGM Audio XLR/ RCA Adapter Plugs – Rhodium (2pack) – Phantom Series

  • Rhodium Plated Connector
  • Carbon Fiber Jacket.
  • 2 per Pack (1 Red & 1 Black adapter)
  • Available in four connection types:
    • XLR Female to RCA Female
    • XLR Female to RCA Male
    • XLR Male to RCA Female
    • XLR Male to RCA Male

EGM Audio’s audio XLR/ RCA adopter plugs are a smart investment for those seeking a secure and reliable audio connection for balanced/ unbalance input/ output connection. Manufactured to bring you a high quality, high fidelity ready product.

Available with carbon fiber sleeves and black and red identifiers, theses XLR/ RCA adapter plugs feature rhodium plated terminals to provide maximum conductivity.

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